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Why the boat rowers in Tam Coc row with feet

Join daily Tam Coc tour with Ecoway, the guide make a good job when he helps me to contact to local people.

Someone told that people rows with feet are not good behavior – But I am sure it is not and here is the reason.

When I asked the lady who rowing the boat in Tam Coc this sensitive question and translated by the tour guide, I definitively caught the point.

Tourism in Vietnam rose sharply in the past years and Ninh Binh is not an exception. The higher influx of tourists means that the people who are rowing the boats must work longer hours. Since tourism is a great source of income for local people and rowing with the hands can lead to severe back pain, Vietnamese people came up with an ingenious idea – feet rowing.

“Rowing boat by feet is much quicker and less exhausting than my hands.” She said.

Rowing the boat by feet is not only faster but it also involves less effort. Another advantage is that while using their feet to row, the people can use their hands for other activities such as using the phone, eating or drinking water. Since this method is quite effective, many people have picked it up. The Vietnamese people rowing the boats by feet have become popular and a real attraction of the Ninh Binh Province.

Don’t be so surprising when you see this and enjoy the rowboat tour in Tam Coc as it is a part of local culture.

The strange watching of the local people use their feet for rowing boat in Ngo Dong river of Ninh Binh Tours.

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