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Fishing in Ninh Binh

For Professional Fisher:

When you get to Ninh Binh city and you are concerned that you may struggle to indulge your passion for angling then don’t worry. Ninh Binh has plenty of ponds, rivers, and reservoirs teeming with carp, trout, pike and much more fish.

Fishing in Ninh Binh is considered to be some of the best fishing places in Vietnam. You will search for an incredible range of native fish such as Black Carp, Catfish, Dong Ho giant carp, Chinese bighead carp, black shark, mrigal, Red River giant catfish, natural lakes. Whether you want to rough it in the wilderness or in one of our Ninh Binh fishing services, take guided fishing trips or go it on your own, we have a Ninh Binh fishing vacation package that fits. And we’ll help you with choosing the appropriate Rigs, lures, locations to fish, depths, etc…

For unprofessional Fisher: Fishing in Tam Coc  

We organize the short fishing tour to show you how the local people catching the

fish in their traditional way… Let’s join us for the best experience of Ninh Binh ToursEcoway Travel.

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Fishing in Ninh Binh

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